The Beach Chronicles Live Action (TBC-LX) vignette  webisode series features three of the characters from the project; Andromeda (featured in the animated film) played by actress Arlene Tur (Eat Pray Love,Crash, Torchwood-Miracle Day), Stingray (featured in the podcast two/comic two in production) playedby actor Jordi Vilasuso and “T” played by actor/rocker Steve Gibb (Black Label Society, guitarist/vocalistfor Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees). The live action series follows the journey of the mysterious artifacts that are being collected and fought over by seemingly opposing sides in a three sided battle. The vignette series fits as a vital piece of the overall story unwinding through different platforms. The following are production stills. 

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TBC Noir

Bringing the TBC world back to the golden age of radio shows, with it’s first TBC Noir episodes. Download them in conjunction with our comic books, to have an even deeper sense of how the stories unravel. Listen as you read. Celebrity guests in each episode. Comic one and Comic two will be available for purchase on the website.

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